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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Android . Kameras‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Super-Angebote für Handy Camera Ständer hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de! Handy Camera Ständer zum kleinen Preis. In geprüften Shops bestellen Android's camera Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) connects the higher level camera framework APIs in android.hardware.camera2 to your underlying camera driver and hardware. Android 8.0 introduced Treble, switching the CameraHal API to a stable interface defined by the HAL Interface Description Language (HIDL).If you have previously developed a camera HAL module and driver for Android 7.0 and. Vehicle Camera HAL. Android contains an automotive HIDL Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that provides for imagery capture and display very early in the Android boot process and continues functioning for the life of the system. The HAL includes the exterior view system (EVS) stack and is typically used to support rearview camera and surround.

Android's camera hardware abstraction layer (HAL) connects the higher-level camera framework APIs in Camera 2 to your underlying camera driver and hardware. The camera subsystem includes implementations for camera pipeline components while the camera HAL provides interfaces for use in implementing your version of these components. Note: If you are implementing the Camera HAL on Android 8.0 and. HAL Subsystem | Android Open Source Project. On this page. Requests. The HAL and camera subsystem. Startup and expected operation sequence. Enumerating, opening camera devices and creating an active session. Using an active camera session. Hardware levels. Interaction between the application capture request, 3A control, and the processing pipeline

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Camera HAL Testing Checklist. This document lists all tests available for evaluating the Android camera hardware abstraction layer (HAL). It is intended for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and application processor (AP) vendors so they may ensure proper implementation of the camera HAL with minimum defects HAL version: 3.0 Module version: 2.3 Camera API version: 2 LIMITATIONS ----- * Supports only one camera * Tested only on Tegra K1, using one specific camera and a webcam. * No parameter control, most of the reported specs are hardcoded. * Resolution detection is limited up to 1920x1080. See availableResolutions() in V4l2Device.cpp. WORKAROUNDS/BUILD TIME CONFIGURATION ----- In Android.mk there. android android-camera hal. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Jul 14 '17 at 21:32. Alex Alex. 11 1 1 bronze badge. Add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 0 Do you mean camera raw data with android follow? First, you AP should be support capture two channel raw data. With Qualcomm, we should bypass ISP instead of handled by ISP. In this way you could get raw data or YUV(get Y. There is another V4L2 camera HAL implementation which is maintained by Android Camera team starting in Android P. See more information here. Building a Device with the HAL. To ensure the HAL is built for a device, include the following in your <device>.mk: USE_CAMERA_V4L2_HAL := true PRODUCT_PACKAGES += camera.v4l2 PRODUCT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDES += ro.hardware.camera=v4l2 The first line ensures.

和你一起终身学习,这里是程序员 Android本篇文章主要介绍 Android 开发中的部分知识点,通过阅读本篇文章,您将收获以下内容: 一、Camera 请求 二、HAL & Camera 子系统 三、Camera启动和预期的操作顺序 四 Android Camera 架构(App-Framework-HAL) 工作两年了, 工作内容和Camera相关的居多, 所以有必要对Android Camera流程进行深入了解, 提高自己阅读源码能力以及对Android系统架构的理解. 本文主要会讲Android系统中, App打开Camera这一过程中, 到Framework以及HAL层的完整流程, 以及涉及的相关代码路径. 注: 本文流程为Camera. Android 5.0 之前 HAL 接口. HAL 接口被设计成了三种运行模式: 预览; 静态拍摄; 视频录制; 其中,预览对应于代码中 Camera 类的 startPreview 函数,而静态拍摄对应于 Camera 类的 takePicture 函数,视频录制则是在 MediaRecorder 类的 setCamera 函数中传入 Camera 对象实例。. 三种模式具有略有不同又相互重叠的功能 Android 的相机硬件抽象层 (HAL) 可将 android.hardware.camera2 中较高级别的相机框架 API 连接到底层的相机驱动程序和硬件。 Android 8.0 引入了 Treble,用于将 CameraHal API 切换到由 HAL 接口描述语言 (HIDL) 定义的稳定接口。 如果您之前为 Android 7.0 及更低版本开发过相机 HAL 模块和驱动程序,请注意相机管道中.

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the market today. Towards the end of the last decade, the camera has emerged as one of the most important factors that contribute towards smartphone sales and different OEMs are trying to stay at the top of the throne. Smartphone cameras are built very similar to digital cameras in a compact package 从 Android10 开始,camera 系统加入了一个可选地 buffer 管理方式,可以在 Vendor HAL 这边灵活使用这个选项进行 buffer 管理,以此达到减少 buffer 使用峰值,改变 request 执行速度等优点。具体的来说就是对于 HAL request queue 中的每一个 request 来讲,并不是每一个 request 的每一个 buffer 都是被使用到的,有些. Android のカメラ ハードウェア抽象化レイヤ(HAL)は、android.hardware.camera2 の上位レベルのカメラ フレームワーク API を、基盤となるカメラドライバおよびハードウェアに接続します。 Android 8.0 では Treble が導入され、CameraHal API から HAL Interface Description Language(HIDL)で定義された安定版. Android Camera 一 源码路径 Android Camera 二 JNI JAVA和C/CPP图像数据传输流程分析 Android Camera 三 CameraService 和 Client 链接到 HAL Android Camera 四 Camera HAL 分析 Android Camera 五 Camera HAL v1 Linux v4l2 一 应用层 Lin..

Android Camera API和HAL版本对应关系 前言. Android在版本更新和迭代过程中, Camera相关代码也经历了几个版本的更新, 主要表现为Camera HAL版本更新(HAL1 -> HAL2 -> HAL3), Camera API版本更新(Camera API1 -> Camera API2), 由于Android版本是向后兼容的, 所以为了解决兼容问题, 势必要做一些特殊的处理来保证不同版本调用问题. Android's camera hardware abstraction layer (HAL) connects the higher-level camera framework APIs in Camera 2 to your underlying camera driver and hardware. The camera subsystem includes implementations for camera pipeline components while the camera HAL provides interfaces for use in implementing your version of these components Android camera HAL v3 and Video4Linux 2 Sakari Ailus <sakari.ailus@linux.intel.com> 2014-10-15. Android camera HAL v1 Modelled against a digital camera Three modes - Preview - Still capture - Video [5] Android camera HAL v3 Very much not like v1 Not evolution based on v1 This is an entirely new API Forget what you knew about v1. Android camera HAL v3 Based on capture requests, each of. Hello Camera2. Hello Camera2 is an Android Camera2 sample that plays preview. It controls camera devices by NDK camera2 APIs which becomes one of public libraries in Android N. Pre-requisites. Android Studio 2.1+ with NDK (>=r12) bundle. Screenshots. A small extra view is toggled when a screen is touched. Known Bug HAL has structures which specify the HAL type, Module type, version detail, and a set of function callbacks (methods) which are registered to android framework layer. For example if a service from android framework needs data from a sensor device, the service will make a call to corresponding function in sensor HAL which in turn will talks directly with Linux device driver

在移植android hal的过程中,移植的首要任务是要确保驱动完好,camera是属于字符设备,但是对于其测试代码的编写就不像一般的驱动那么简单啦,因为camera的测试代码一定是要用v4l2 api,所以接下来就是介绍我们写camera的测试代码的流程。1,打开设备 static int open_device(char *dev_name) { assert(dev_name) 注:以下code基于Android nougat-x86 (Android 7.0 release) (Nougat),最后同步时间2017-06-06。获取code方法参考:【记录】编译测试Android nougat-x86 总结了一下Camera App的API 1和API 2与HAL 1和HAL 3互相匹配的camera运行流程 HAL tree is used by the Android camera service to discover and operate camera devices available on the device. More details and versioning information can be found within each particular HAL. More complete information about the Android camera HAL and subsystem can be found at source.android.com. 核心概念:Request . request是贯穿camera2数据处理流程最为重要的概念,应用. Android Camera2 API provides an interface to individual camera devices connected to an Android device (read more at Android.com). If that still makes you confused, we can say it in much simpler way. Camera2 API is something that needs to enable if we want to use any camera apps with advanced control. Normally, most of camera gives you freedom to adjust White Balance (WB) and ISO settings in.

Android Camera System . Android Camera硬件抽象层(HAL,Hardware Abstraction Layer)主要用于把底层camera drive与硬件和位于android.hardware中的framework APIs连接起来。Camera子系统主要包含了camera pipeline components 的各种实现,而camera HAL提供了这些组件的使用接口 Figure1. Camera model . 2. The HAL and camera subsystem. The Camera subsystem includes the implementation of various components on the camera pipeline, such as the 3A algorithm and its processing control. The Camera HAL layer provides an interface for you to implement these components

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  1. Android : Camera2/HAL3 框架分析 - sheldon_blogs - 博客园. 一、Android O上的Treble机制:. 在 Android O 中,系统启动时,会启动一个 CameraProvider 服务,它是从 cameraserver 进程中分离出来,作为一个独立进程 android.hardware.camera.provider@2.4-service 用来控制 camera HAL,cameraserver通过.
  2. NexellCorp / android_hal_camera Public. NexellCorp. /. android_hal_camera. Public. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more . If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again
  3. Browse other questions tagged android linux-kernel android-camera android-source nexus-s or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog You're living in the Metaverse, you just don't know it yet
  4. Full developer access to all camera devices starting in Android 9. What the logical camera provides is entirely dependent on the OEM implementation of the Camera HAL. For example, a device like Pixel 3 implements its logical camera in such a way that it chooses one of its physical cameras based on the requested focal length and crop region
  5. android android-ndk android-camera android-camera2 hal. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Aug 15 '17 at 13:58. exifguy exifguy. 580 6 6 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 3 No. The implementation of camera ISPs varies a great deal, including the internal representation of the data at the hardware level, so having a common interface to plug.
  6. The Android 4.0 (API Level 14) framework provides APIs for identifying faces and calculating picture settings using face recognition technology. Note: While the face detection feature is running, setWhiteBalance (String) , setFocusAreas (List<Camera.Area>) and setMeteringAreas (List<Camera.Area>) have no effect

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The camera HAL is what allows the ROM to talk to the camera hardware—without it, the camera would be non-functional. Think of the camera HAL as the steering wheel and pedals of the car. Android 外接 USB 摄像头 camera.v4l2 实现. 该库也是基于 V4L2 的 Camera HALv3 实现,原本是 Google 开发出来给树莓派系统使用的。所以从 Android AOSP 代码库里面可以找到这份源代码,但是只有 HAL 实现,没有接入 Android Framework,也就是 cameraserver 是调用不到的。如果有树莓. V4L2-based Android Camera HAL driver. Contribute to svyuri/android-camera-hal development by creating an account on GitHub AlarmClock; BlockedNumberContract; BlockedNumberContract.BlockedNumbers; Browser; CalendarContract; CalendarContract.Attendees; CalendarContract.CalendarAlert Meet OpenCamera, a special third-party Android Camera App being developed since 2013. It is special because it is Open Source, you can get it free of charge, it does not contain any Ads and it supports almost all features exposed by the Camera HAL to the Android Application Framework, plus some interesting professional level features

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I already have a built-in camera via existing HAL, does android allow only a single Camera HAL? If not how do I configure two Camera HALs? If not and I want to support both simultaneously would I need some kind of wrapper HAL that merges the two into one? Final question, does anyone know of any other alternative for an external USB camera which has an Android HAL built already? Thanks, Jacob. The embedded operating system Android has been widely used in mobile devices, such as smart phones, smart watches and so on. Our design is based on the Android platform to optimize and improve Camera HAL. This design is applied to the development of the Android system, the design of the Camera subsystem, the description of the Camera subsystem from the structure, function and data flow, and. Though Camera2 API was introduced to Android Lollipop in 2015, a majority of phone manufacturers in 2017 have still not implemented the Camera2 API in their cellphones. Only a handful of premium devices have full Camera2 API support, despite the fact that Google has deprecated the legacy Camera API and urged developers to implement Camera2 since its release

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Camera 2 Internals Released as part of Android 4.2 Camera 1 => android.hardware.Camera Camera 2 => android.hardware.ProCamera New Camera HAL implementation based on Camera 2.0 - Samsung exynos5 based No application that actually uses Camera 2.0 Disclaimer: All reference to Camera2 in this slide deck is based on reverse engineering AOSP code. 2017-08-16 【转载】Android Camera Overview 2017-07-27 【原创】Camera不同版本API与HAL流程 2017-07-17 【原创】Android x86上Camera流程 2017-06-27 【原创】写了一个Camera App:GoldCam 2016-07-19 【转载】android camera HAL v3.0详细介绍 2016-03-27 【转载】Android Camera HAL V3 Vendor Tag及V1 V3参数转

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System Overview. The camera service provider on Chrome OS is a standalone process that can be divided into two part: Platform-specific camera HAL that interfaces with the kernel drivers and provide all the camera functions through the Android camera HAL v3 APIs.; Camera HAL v3 adapter that provides Mojo IPC interface for all the clients on Chrome OS to access the platform-specific camera HAL Android camera HAL v3 and Video4Linux 2 Sakari Ailus <[email protected]> 2014-10-15 Android camera HAL v1 Modelled against a digital camera Three modes - Preview - Still capture - Video [5] Android camera HAL v3 Very much not like v1 Not evolution based on v1 This is an entirely new API Forget what you knew about v1 Android camera HAL v3 Based on capture requests, each of which translate. Android Camera currently provides two sets of APIs: API1.0 and API2.0. The difference between API1.0 and API2.0 is: (1) API1.0 is relatively simple and easy to use, and there are not many things that applications can do. (2) API2.0 is much more complicated, but the application can have more control over the underlying camera. For example: efficient zero-copy burst/streaming flows and per-frame.

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可以选择支持单个物理请求和结果。此类请求中的可用参数集也完全取决于特定的 HAL 实现。 从 Android 10 开始,HAL 可以选择不在 getCameraIdList 中播发部分或所有 PHYSICAL_ID,从而减少应用能够直 在Android 5.0 上,Google正式的将Camera HAL 3.0作为一个标准配置进行了发行,当然Camera HAL V1也是作为兼容标准是可以用的。但是很多有实力的芯片厂商都第一时间切换到了HAL V3。 HAL V3与V1最大的本质区别,我认为就是把帧的参数和帧的图像数据绑定到了一起,比如V1. 2、Android Camera框架. Android的Camera子系统提供一个拍照和录制视频的框架。 它将Camera的上层应用与Application Framework、用户库串接起来,而正是这个用户库来与Camera的硬件层通信,从而实现操作camera硬件。 ----- ----- 3.Camera HAL层部分 代码存放目录:hardware\rk29\camera. 3.1 MIPI Cameras. By default, MIPI cameras are supported out of the box. Android System / Vendor images contain Camera HAL already support for OV5640 5MP support available. You don't need to do any special build/addition below HAL if you are using the standard camera. Unless you wish to modify for your custom camera type, For Android Oreo Android Camera MSM HAL. 高通新的camera驱动架构设计发生了一些变化,借用互联网上常用的一种结构,大致的原理如此:将camera的所有功能划分为不同的模块,让模块自己来决定自己的事情(高内聚,低耦合),模块需要有统一的接口和格式。. 模块中有端口,通过.

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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Android Camera Hal under Treble Architecture; Android facing front camera and facing back camera setting in HAL; Android camera related source code analysis: device driver, HAL, Framework; Popular Posts; Chive CTF 2020 - Tiki; The difference between character arrays and string pointers; Knapsack problem FZU-2214 (01 backpack reverse thinking) Customized Services of Linux Service; Chapter 12.

Android CameraHAL Library The Camera Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is a library that is specific to the camera hardware platform Written by hardware vendors (Qualcomm, TI, others) CameraHAL maps Android Camera Service calls to driver functions Android Froyo uses CameraHardwareInterface.h wrapper Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and above use camera. • The Camera Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is a library that is specific to the camera hardware platform ‣ Written by hardware vendors (Qualcomm, TI, others Camera2 API, SHIM, and HAL 3.2 in Android 5.1 1. OUTLINE Android camera API history What's new of Camera API 2 HAL 3.2 Titan Camera API 2 situation Solutions & Hacks Conclusions 2. API Lv 21 Camera API 1 Camera API 1(camera) Camera API 2(camera2) API Lv ## Camera API 2 HISTORY 3

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1、Camera成像原理介绍 Camera工作流程图 Camera的成像原理可以 . 跳转到主要内容 Main navigation. 首页; 前端; 分类; 编程语言; 移动开发; Android Camera HAL浅析 . 面包屑. 首页 > 栏目 > Android Camera HAL浅析 > 1、Camera成像原理介绍. Camera工作流程图 Camera的成像原理可以简单概括如下: 景物(SCENE)通过镜头(LENS. 2017-08-26 【原创】Android x86上的Camera HAL(2) 2017-08-20 【原创】Steps of Camera HAL Module Searching 2017-08-16 【转载】Android Camera Overview 2017-08-05 【转载】Android x86睡眠触发时间修改 2017-07-27 【原创】Camera不同版本API与HAL流程 2017-07-18 【原创】在Github上建立clean stud avc: denied { set } for property=camera.tunning.live pid=756 uid=1047 gid=1005 scontext=u:r:hal_camera_default:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:default_prop:s0 tclass=property_service permissive=0 . This should be addressed by labeling this specific property as camera_prop as it's related to camera, e.g. camera.tunning.live u:object_r:camera_prop:s0. All property labels go into a single file named. Description: This module brings back Xiaomi's proprietary camera HAL and libraries to Pie custom ROMs and disables CDS mode to workaround green artifacts on 4.9 kernel. It is only necessary for MIUI camera support and you really should avoid.. The Android image can be built after the source code has been downloaded (Section 3.1 Getting i.MX Android release source code). This section provides an overview of how to use Android build system and what NXP did on it. Then it provides an example of how to build Android images for a specific board as well as preparation steps. Customers could follow these steps to do the preparation work.

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簡介 Android Camera 三大功能區塊 . jollen 發表於 November 25, 2010 8:41 PM 近期為客戶進行 Android Camera 的顧問服務,主要的任務是改善 Android 在拍照方面的效能,撰寫了一些相當基本的觀念介紹,在此與大家分享。Android 的 Camera 系統大概念上可分成三大區塊: 1. android.hardware.Camera 2. Camera Service 3. Camera HAL. I encountered a problem with my nougat-x86 build related to how the camera HAL reports supported FPS to the API. In particular, the values reported by Camera.Parameters.getSupportedPreviewFpsRange() are in actual FPS, while the API expects value to be multiplied by 1000. This creates a problem in an app that is using Chrome/53 webview, whereby the webcam is limited to 1fps. The problem is not. 안드로이드의 카메라는 HAL과 Framework와 연결되어 있습니다. Camera를 활용하여 애플리케이션을 제작하는 분이라면 Framework 단계에서 만들어진 API를 활용하여 안드로이드의 Camera를 제어합니다. 안드로이. The Surface is provided to the Camera HAL via setPreviewDisplay(SurfaceHolder). However, for onPreviewFrame there is no Surface infrastructure and instead there is an explicit buffer copy. This asymmetry in handling of image streams was part of the design fix introduced with HALv3 and android.hardware.camera2. Short answer: yes, there are two copies in the legacy API. Regarding. Facebook : http://facebook.com/edmtdevLink donate : http://paypal.me/edmtdevLink source code : https://github.com/eddydn/AndroidCamera2APIIn this tutorial, w..

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Understanding Android Camera Architecture - Part 1. Published Mar 14, 2020. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the market today. Towards the end of the last decade, the camera has emerged as one of the most important factors that contribute towards smartphone sales and different OEMs are trying to stay at the top of the throne Solved - Camera Failed To Open Issue In Android:- You take out your phone to capture a wonderful moment and then your camera says it's on leave today.How great would that be? Most of us would have faced this issue with our smart cameras at one point or the other in our lives Download. Download to read offline. Technology. May. 25, 2011. 29,883 views. This presentation shows the Android Camera Architecture for who want to know the detail of the camera implementation on Android. Picker Weng. Follow. iOS/Android App Developer Android - Camera, These are the following two ways, in which you can use camera in your applicatio

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Android要适应各个手机组装厂商的不同配置,不同sensor,不管怎么换芯片,从Framework及之上都不需要改变,App也不需要改变就可以在各种配置机器上顺利运行,HAL层对上的接口也由Android定义死,各个平台厂商只需要按照接口实现适合自己平台的HAL层即可. 1.2 Android Camera工作. Camera HAL v3: To learn more about the Android Camera HAL v3.0, see Camera HAL v3 overview. Virtual private network (VPN) Currently, VPN usage is not supported on virtual devices. Send feedback Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the. Camera support in emulatorNow supports a fully functional camera HAL. Making it easier for developers to test apps using the latest Android camera2 APIs. Digital Wellbeing. Bedtime modeBedtime mode quiets your phone when it's time to go to sleep. Schedule it to run automatically or while your phone charges as you rest. Your screen switches to Greyscale and your notifications go silent with.

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android source code & BSP是根据android user's guide从google网站repo sync下来,国内客户可以从清华或者中科大网站获取。当源码下载好之后,camera HAL层就已经在源码里面了,对android BSP,没有专门的github地址。你可以到camera HAL里去搜索adv7180。是可以找到的。 weidon Which Android Camera HAL (HAL1 or HAL3) is used by the Skype for Business Android SDK? Does anyone know if the Skype for Business Android SDK uses the HAL3 Camera Hardware Abstraction Layer or still relies on HAL1? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (0) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed. Android HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is one of the lower layers in the Android OS software stack (right above the Linux kernel). It is a hardware specific implementation that provides an interface between system services (e.g., camera software) and the hardware drivers for that service (e.g., camera driver) Google Camera is one of the best features any Android can get. Courtesy of many Gcam developers, we now have ported Google Camera Mods for several Android devices. This brings all the Google Pixel camera's favorite features including HDR+, Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, Portrait mode, etc to all smartphones. All this can be achieved alongside the stock camera app on your phone with the. Android HAL Introduction: libhardware and its legacy Download Now Download. Download to read offline. × Want to download this document? Sign up for a Scribd free trial to download now. Download with free trial Technology. Oct. 09, 2009 59,498 views Introduction of libhardware and libhardware_legacy, the HAL layer. Also Sensor Service as an example. Read more Jollen Chen Follow Developer at. 在 HAL 的架構實作成熟前(即圖1的規劃),我們先就目前 HAL 現況做一個簡單的分析。另外,目前 Android 的 HAL 實作,仍舊散佈在不同的地方,例如 Camera、WiFi 等,因此上述的目錄並不包含所有的 HAL 程式碼。 HAL 的過去. 圖2:Android HAL / libhardware_legac