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  2. Need HOJ? EZ... NCS Music Shoutout: Amadeus | Legendary | EDM Release Free Download: http://audiograb.com/dX237a7C Track: Ellis - Ellis - Clear My Head (AF..
  3. 2 Man Angerforge speed run.I don't own the music
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  5. Come chill with me at https://twitch.tv/DamnboiitvWOW Classic - How to solo Angerforge in BRD for that sweet Hand of Justice trinket. (HOJ)Please note that o..

BRD Mage Solo HOJ Farm - YouTub

BRD HOJ solo farm as a Warrior. Downgraded my gear to 728 ap, 21,5% crit, 3% hit + 2x blue weapons so the pre-bis/new 60 can do it aswell. Constructive feedback much obliged 448k members in the classicwow community. A community for World of Warcraft: Classic fans He dropped HoJ last night , was curious if this thing procs enough to be worth it. Never expected anything useful to drop in BRD for my paly but this may be the exception. Ill keep using , but in 10 min of playing with it, I didnt see anything in my combat log after each fight. Anyone know what this shows up in the combat log as HoJ + Sword Spec + Windfury Totem = WTFDMG. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any Melee class. Comment by take the quest, listen to his story, then you get a quest to go inside BRD, and the reward is the key to Angerforge. If he CAN drop the key, it's better to farm Angerforge rather than emperor. (im talking about lvl 70 solo if you want this trinket) Comment by koaschten HoJ is scaling down from 2%. Hand Of Justice is the Best in Slot Trinket for Rogues and Warrior. You can skip the trash with a Rogue group. Find out more in this video. *Better geared ro..

You need the key to get to him thou. To get the key, you must die, Talk to a Forgewright in Forgewright's tomb inside BRM, take the quest, listen to his story, then you get a quest to go inside BRD, and the reward is the key to Angerforge. If he CAN drop the key, it's better to farm Angerforge rather than emperor. (im talking about lvl 70 solo. Re: <A> lfm BRD emp HoJ Farm runs. The reason reserve groups exist is because the drop rate is pretty low. It took over 60 runs to get mine, I actually got Ironfoe before I saw a single HoJ drop. You don't need to make a forum post for this. Just LFM BRD no reserves into world chat. Problem solved My guild and I do this farm as a group of 5 regularly, we also use the window skip, and here's my thoughts: You don't even need to kite Angerforge, imo he's an easier fight than Grizzle, especially with any sort of cleave (Sweeping strikes, Chain lightning), two Rogues in blues can solo it with a bit of aggro juggling I was doing brd solo hoj farm yesterday and see if any other mages do it on here. Im having trouble downing anger forge after he reaches below 10k

Tips for most effective way to farm HoJ. Question. Hello /classicwow/ as the title suggests, I am trying to farm hand of justice from angerforge, but so far I haven't had much success. I am a warrior so I go in as tank and advertise for Arena/Angerforge/golem runs. Now I don't know if this is my server or not but, there's a lack of dps. I thought that with the ogre dropping the belt and, the. Just a quick question, been farming HoJ with some XP groups (I'm 60 atm) with guildies and sometimes Pick ups. Killed Anvilrage for the 50th time and I've yet to see HoJ drop. I know it's a low chance etc but I'm now wondering if it's worth the effort I put in forming and trying to keep people doing the runs since I'm the only one who needs it in the group, other are here just to. Doing a coffer run simply means clearing BRD using a route that will either pass by the vault or a run that is purely dedicated to going and looting the coffers for money or in-game materials. These runs are useful because you can make a decent profit if you are able to loot all of the coffers yourself, or you could be incentive to farm here to get the reagents for the enchant that you're.

Doing/done a whole bunch of runs looking for HoJ and I've seen more SGC's than HoJ. That being said one of the mages in my guild had had awful luck with Banthoks and only got it after I dragged him into a run kicking and screaming. I think it's just rng and thats it. Arondelor-zuluhed November 10, 2019, 6:13pm #9. I have no problem with it being RNG, I just want to confirm that the. Comprehensive strategy guide to Classic WoW's Blackrock Depths (BRD) dungeon, covering the latter half of BRD including Angerforge and Emperor. Includes boss tips, associated dungeon quests, how to complete an Emperor/Lava Run, and notable pre-raid Best in Slot loot

WoW Classic 2 Man BRD HoJ farm - YouTub

  1. *off to farm BRD* Comment by Allakhazam new stats after patch 1.10=+13 stam,+14 agi,+13 strength still 2% to crit but lose the+13 defense. Comment by Allakhazam Wow this never drops. Gay. Comment by Allakhazam dropped today myself hunter and shammy rollled need then a warrior rolled need wtf! Comment by Allakhazam Wow, this chest piece is by far the best item for a hunter until giantstalkers.
  2. Who has the most runs to try to farm HoJ/SGC? Discussion (self.classicwow) submitted 4 months ago by BobcatTV. save . I was just looking at someone in retail talking about they had to run a dungeon 29 times and still haven't gotten a piece. I am curious about the average number of times it took some of you rogues/warrior/ and such to get your HoJ or SGC. all 107 comments. sorted by: top. best.
  3. Und da es sich dort so gut als Schurke farmen lässt, gibt's nun einen Guide. World of Warcraft: Videos, Guides, News und mehr. WoW Classic: Solo als Schurke Gold farmen in Düsterbruch Ost. 1.
  4. Who has the most runs to try to farm HoJ/SGC? Discussion (self.classicwow) submitted 3 months ago by BobcatTV. save . I was just looking at someone in retail talking about they had to run a dungeon 29 times and still haven't gotten a piece. I am curious about the average number of times it took some of you rogues/warrior/ and such to get your HoJ or SGC. all 108 comments. sorted by: best. best.

Classic WoW - Blackrock Depths (BRD) Here is the Blackrock Depths Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean the Blackrock Depths as quick as possible. Facebook. Twitter. Copy link. Other. 1. Blackrock Depths Introduction Posté le 08/07/2019. 357,344 138 0 Favorites. Once the capital city of the Dark Iron dwarves, this volcanic labyrinth now. If you are farming for HoJ and just duoing angerforge, its best to quickly kill the squishies, then the medics, then angerforge, on the otherhand, if you are in a party, it might be best to make the medics priority, or just ignore them and burn down the rest of angerforge's HP. Comment by Thottbot This was done without a tank, just a group involving a priest(57), 2 warlocks (54 and 59), a.

It is really hard to find a Dungeon party if you play Rogue. While leveling most parties 30+ play AE-Farm (Mage/Lock) or Melee-Cleave (Warrior/Enhancer). From level 50+ basically nobody wants a rogue in their parties. If you find yourself wanting to farm this guy for a friend or alt, its easier than you think. Use the shadowforge key to get inside the room with the wheel that releases the drawbridge. Clear this room and post your alt/friend in the window. Then go kill angerforge. Try to do it near his window just to be sure. I used group loot and it worked flawlessly. You can also pull the Golem Lord here.

Classic WoW - Hunter - Solo farm HoJ BRD Angerforge - YouTub

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BRD HOJ solo farm as a Warrior

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Hand of Justice - Item - Classic World of Warcraf

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  5. g Hand of Justice and Second wind from BRD.HOJ drops off of Angerforge instead of emp in classic btw
  6. or less (Shaman POV).Since this Run takes..

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